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Meta-Form (Original Series Character) :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 2 0 Paper Boom-Boom (Samtendo version) :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 5 0 PMDoD Mario and Partners :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 3 0 PMDoD Koopa NPCs :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 3 0 Paper Bandinero :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 2 2 Rainizia (Paper Mario OC) :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 4 0 Laddiebug (Species) :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 2 0 Paper Wario (Version 1) :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 2 0 Giant Thief (Version 2) :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 1 2 Giant Thief (Paper Mario OC) :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 1 0 PMDoD: Cloudine :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 2 0 PMDoD Battle Scene (Updated) :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 4 3 Paper Slanito (PMDoD) :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 4 0 PMDoD Elements :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 2 0 PMDoD: Bloopelly :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 1 0 Monsieur Masteurpiece :iconwariowules09:WarioWules09 2 0


Fruit Cap examples :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 2 2 Fruit Cap types (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 1 0 Paper Mario - Mario's House Redesign :iconwesai:wesai 45 6 Beakhov (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 1 0 Orera (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 1 0 Mario v2 (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 2 0 Merlon (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 1 0 Forte (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 1 0 Peach (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 4 8 Luigi (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 3 5 Nabbit (Paper Mario style) :iconericgl1996:ericgl1996 10 3 Nuvola Uno (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 1 4 Genes Nuvola symbol (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 1 2 Doogan PARTS :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 1 0 Doogans (Mario Story Fruit Shake) :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 5 3 Mario Story Fruit Shake rough overworld concept :iconderekminya:DerekminyA 4 3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am practicing art and I will be happy to take your advice as well as free trading (reads two of us make an art for each others).

However, I do not recommend to you to make commissions with me and for you as I haven't figured out to pay you and receive money from you, and even so I don't even have a credit card either. I do request for free, so go ahead for any ideas as long as they won't be too explicit. I am also open-minded for collabs.


Meta-Form (Original Series Character)
-- This character is an Original Series Character (characters that is not belong to the official series, but rather original series). If you do not like these type of characters, click on back and please, do not send hate comments. --

This character had originated from this Wikia, namely Fantendo.…

A shape-shifting robot, this fellow is friendly when in a good mood, but can lose his temper if something bothered him well enough. He is all-around heroic, a rare example from heroes today, and with close friend Cubey and his sister Meta-Ette, he frequently put an end of King Cube KiloBot's wild schemes.

His body is made of a special material only found on Tobor, his home planet; Metawater, a liquid capable to be made into any shape without problems, and is very flexible and versatile, but also tendency to melt from excessive heat or water on non-sentient robots. This is part of where Meta-Form's name came from.

Life is not always easy for him, and he doesn't always win against his nemesis KiloBot, but even so, he keep his high hope and will not give up until the planet would deem inhabitable for him. He is actually not idealistic nor cynical; he believe that too much of either will cause more harm than good, in that too much optimism would make people too naive, but that excessive cynicism would surely make people into jerks or otherwise unstable... in a really dangerous way.

He does prefer peace over war, but he also knows that always holding back would end up to shoot right back at him, and that he needs to use the other ways that while violent, works better than trying to convince the crooks who are too unstable to even listen. He refuse to be a killer, no matter what; he will only kill a criminal when having no other choices, such as when the authority said that it would be no uses to capture the crook. Of course, most of the time, he only do it as last resort, and he do not let his temper to get him out of control.

Meta-Form @ Me, do not use without permission! If you see someone is using him without permission, please warn me ASAP.
Paper Boom-Boom (Samtendo version)
This is my version of Boom-Boom. Although dangerously accurate of his official appearance (pardon my laziness, but at least I was trying to make it look right), in addition of spikes on his shell like his old days and New Super Mario Bros. U and a few others, the details are obviously less notable than in main series games.

The Boom-Boom species are not the smartest type of Koopa, but their strength comparable to Morton and Roy, and even near-matches Bowser, do make up for it. They are generally aggressive and does not like having to deal with intruders constantly. They use their arm for flailing and spinning around, but the second attack would leave them dizzy. They are often with Pom-Poms and Pow-Pows, making the situation with them harder. As if it is not enough, there is a new variation (coming soon) of Boom-Booms called Elite Boom-Booms, which while not having the same DEF of Koopatrols, the Elite Boom-Booms had higher ATK, making them significantly more dangerous for the reckless.

Normal Boom-Booms had 12 HP, 3 ATK and 1 DEF when not tripped, Elite Boom-Booms had 20 HP, 5 ATK and 2 DEF, Big Boom-Booms had 22 HP, 5 ATK and 2 DEF, and the most dangerous among them, Big Elite Boom-Booms, which got 30 whopping HP, 6 ATK and 3 DEF, but they are super rare and drops 200 Star Points, 50 Blue Spheres and 250 Coins when defeating just one of them.

A notable member of the species, which is much bigger than a Big Boom-Boom and also stronger, called Aboomina Slim, Lumaloo the Kid's strongman. With 150 HP (Bosses have very high HP in Chapter standard but your partners and sometimes temporary allies will help), average ATK of 6, and Defense of 4 when not tripped down, he is a force to reckon with, but thankfully, you will only face him at the end of Chapter 6, and the Cape Feather or other Power-Ups involving spinning (but preferably the former one) will deals double damage, ignores his Defensive Perk, and tripped him down for two turns, and you got the reluctant Waluigi to back you up once you had taken Lumaloo down, with his cannon that deals 35 ATK on Aboomina Slim!

Boom-Boom, Paper Mario series @ Nintendo
PMDoD Mario and Partners
Full Title: Paper Mario Drawing of Disaster, Mario and Partners

Here is the full group picture of Mario and his friends he recruited during the journey in Creation Island. This can be considered as the complete version of the previous version within only the new Partners (Krusha partners not included).

Yeah, I am aware that there is quite a big amount of partners, but some Paper Mario games did introduced around fifteen, and I remembered one that have around twelve for Mario and twelve more for Peach, in something called Countdown to Chaos, so the more the merrier, as long as you can make each of then unique, likable and charming.

The new Partner who is not in the previous version is Krushok, a sailor who had "swore" quite often and loves to show up his strength, but is otherwise a tender guy ready to help people (but mostly friends) in need.

I also included Rainizia despite not being categorized as a partner because, like how Huey is needed to fill up the Cards with Paint, she helps Mario to use Drawing Cards by becoming a Power Pencil. She can recycle the Drawing Cards by using her eraser in her Power Pencil form, which means these cards are recyclable, something that not even Huey and even less Kersti are able to do something like that in the official games they are in.

I also did my best to size them more accordingly (being also very careful with the older Partners, Goombella, Vivian, and the Yoshi Kid partner), so that it will help you to see the size comparison with the newcomers to the returning boys and girls.

Super Mario and its sub-series Paper Mario @ Nintendo
All characters except Mario, Goombella, the Yoshi Kid partner and Vivian @ Mine
PMDoD Koopa NPCs
Those are many of the various Koopa NPCs citizens found in the Creation Island. Some of them are not too important, but some others do serves a role, such as the female Koopa at the bottom end right who deliver the special bonus if you scanned with an Amiibo or a Virtua-Card (Virtua-Cards are in-console collecting cards in my fanon console, Evo-Gem). Those are to show that I do not hold back with creativity this time.

Koopa Troopa @ Nintendo
Paper Bandinero
The Wario Land series had been a known series in its own right, but the enemies introduced or exclusive from there? Not so much. However, there is one type of enemy that people tend to know at best; the Bandinero species. Introduced in Wario Land: Shake It!, they were working for the Shake King, and they will stop at nothing to steal stuff for their leader. They are harmless in their introduction as they are matchless against Wario, but in my fan games, they are more advanced compared to Goombas from Mario games, as they are more agile and stronger in order to follow the example of their new leader(?), the Bandinero King.

Like some other enemies, they had multiple colors which give out set HP, ATK, DEF, and a different attack. In this case...
- All Bandineroes jump into a target, making 2 ATK damage.
- Red Bandineroes have 6 HP, 1 ATK and no DEF. They simply slide forwards, and hit both Mario and the partner behind.
- Blue Bandineroes have 8 HP, 1 ATK and 0 DEF when deflated, 1 DEF when inflated. They inflate to increase its DEF.
- Yellow Bandineroes have 6 HP, 1 x 1 ATK and 0 DEF. They jump twice on one target.
- Green Bandineroes have 8 HP, 3 ATK and 0 DEF. They perform a body slam, but they become stunned afterward (if not Big that is).
- White Bandineroes have 10 HP, no Additional ATK and 1 DEF. They throw a large, smelly garlic which lower Mario or partner's ATK by 1 for two turns.
- Gold Bandineroes have 15 HP, 2 ATK and 2 DEF. They throw a bag of coins that damage Mario and partners.
- Big Bandineroes of any colors will have +20 HP, +3 ATK and +1 DEF. In addition, they roll forward.

Bandinero @ Nintendo


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