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Monsieur Masteurpiece by WarioWules09 Monsieur Masteurpiece by WarioWules09
--This character is a (Paper) Mario OC. If you do not wanted to see OCs in general for any reasons, please click on the back button, and no hate comments.--

This character had also an article in Fantendo.…

This is the main antagonist of Paper Mario: Drawing of Disaster. His main goal is to steal the Great Power Pencil, break out the Creation Crystals so that the Great Power Pencil can be removed from the Creation Island, and modify the world to his own image.

He is working with the Giant Thief, the sinister thief who seems... familiar. Monsieur Masteurpiece had a short-temper like Bowser, but unlike the latter, he treated his men much better, no punches, no kicking, just harsh verbal scolding to failed troopers.

His ability is to control what he named as True Water, which came from "Another dimension", which is actually real life. The True Water is what even the Black Paint is unable to resist, and anything that do not resist or immune to water would get soggy (badly drenched in the Paper Mario universe), to possibly a death if exposed for too long.

He did attempted to steal the Great Power Pencil many times before, but failed thanks to the Creation Cavaliers. With the Giant Thief on his side, however, then its another story.

Monsieur is also quite narcissistic, but not to the extent of Slanito, and get sometimes very arrogant and overconfident.

In my Mario timeline, the Shake King returns and caused havok with the Metal Hourglass in my upcoming Mario Kart game's second adventure mode. Because of that, people of the Mushroom Kingdom would know him now. And since that, such people are prone to mistook Monsieur Masteurpiece for the Shake King.
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