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PMDoD Battle Demonstration (Beta) by WarioWules09 PMDoD Battle Demonstration (Beta) by WarioWules09
Full Title: Paper Mario Drawing of Disaster's Battle Demonstration picture (Beta, not finished)

As you can see and guess, this is the new Battle Theater in Paper Mario Drawing of Disaster. One difference is you can use three partners in one battle instead of just one, but the enemies will get higher HP to compensate, and bosses will be stronger, too.

Although not shown, the partners can perform Team Attack, in which an individual Partner will call upon the other two and Mario to perform a special attack. It either do high damage, do a good amount of damage and pass a status problem or even make a boost on all allied characters.

Also not shown are the Enemy Cards, returning from Paper Mario: Color Splash. Unlike in the latter game, the Enemy Cards can power-up as Mario level up, and thus gain more HP and a bit higher ATK and DEF. You can also summon up to four enemies to support you, but to prevent body-guarding the whole battles, they also cost Mario's Flower Points. The stronger the Enemy Card, the more FPs it would cost.

Each characters now had their own Flower Points, to make up for the highly costly Team Attacks. A new mechanic are the Blue Moons (the blue spheres) that are dropped by enemies when defeating them; collect a hundred, and your Maximum Audience will increase, and even Promote the Theater to make it more fabulous.

The icon in the bottom left is the Drawing Points and the Drawing Meter. Mario needs the DPs to perform a new type of attack, the Drawing Cards. While optional and add Mario an extra arsenal, they can turn the tide if Mario plays his cards right. The Drawing Meter fills by successfully damaging the enemies, and upon reaching maximum point, Mario can perform a Super Drawing Attack, which are (almost) as powerful as the Things from Sticker Star and Color Splash.

The biggest advantage about Drawing Cards and Super Drawing Cards? They are completely recyclable, and Rainizia will erase the marks on those cards to make them freshly cleaned. The disadvantage, however, is that certain bosses had their own magical pencil and can steal Mario's Drawing Cards (but not Super Drawing Cards, thankfully) to play his own game.

The Arrows in the right selection icon of Mario's is a Run tactic, but this is actually a Quick-Access Button. When selecting the Tactic, you can use other Tactics by pressing up and use other tactics such as Defend, Enemy Card and etc.
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