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PMDoD: Bloopelly by WarioWules09 PMDoD: Bloopelly by WarioWules09
Water-Based Partner

This is Bloopelly, the Cyborg Blooper. He can help Mario by trapping enemies inside bubbles as well as rabid NPCs, and Mario can also jump over the bubbles for extra heights and to float through water. He was originally made to serve Monsieur Masteurpiece but ended up to be trashed before he was completed because Masteurpiece fear that he would be too ugly.

Squirt: Hold a button, then release it to damage ground or flying enemies. (0 FP)

Bubble Entrapment: Repeatedly press a button, and reach around 65% to make a successful entrapment. Bubble Entrapped foes cannot dodge and unable to use approaching attacks, but Hammer or other ground-only attack cannot work against them. The duration varies on how much % is filled, with up to 3 turns of Bubble Entrapment. (1 FP)

Bubble Blast (Super Rank): Press a sequence of five buttons. Each successful button will make Bloopelly release a bubble that damage an enemy, and each shot had a 10% to make the foe Wet/Soggy. (3 FP)

Blooper Rain (Hyper Rank): Rotate the left control stick clockwise or counterclockwise before time runs out, and you need to fill 70% to succeed. Bloopelly then unleash a wave of Blooper-shaped teardrops to damage all enemies. (5 FP)

Water Twirl (Team Attack): Rotate to the shown direction, be it either clockwise or counterclockwise, and upon reaching 65%, the four characters will spin fast and twirl water at the enemies and possibly hazards. 25% chance to make one enemy Wet/Soggy. (5/7/12 FP, depended on the Partner's current Rank)

"...Is that you Mario? Monsieur had rejected me because he said that I could be too... ugly. In either way, I will show him that one's beauty does not matter!"
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