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PMDoD New Partners by WarioWules09 PMDoD New Partners by WarioWules09
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Paper Mario Drawing of Disaster: New Partners

Those are the new partners Mario would recruit during his journey. Some of them had species that can be easily recognized, but some others are more obscure.

Noticed that there are other two partners as Goombella and TTYD's Yoshi Partner (and a addition of Vivian if you guys really wanted), and I may plan a Krusha Partner if this goes well enough (and to make even numbered amount of partners if Vivian is included). They are not included just yet, as in Goombella and Yoshi Partner, they are old partners from TTYD, hence the titles' PMDoD New Partners. I may do a final poster with all of them, including older one and the Krusha Partner, if the demand is enough for me.

Now here is an order of partner you will recruit during Mario's journey in Creation Island, and they appeared in appearance of Chapter order. The reason why the Blooper had white outline and the others does not will be explained below.

Bloopelly (Middle Top, Chapter 1), an artificially created Blooper, hence the paper white outline. This cyborg-type of a Blooper is scrapped by the game's antagonist Monsieur Masteurpiece out of fear of it being too ugly and treacherous. Reluctant to help Mario at first, he figured out that since Masteurpiece had scrapped him, he need to find a purpose on his own, and eventually warm up with Mario, Rainizia and the other partners. He specialize water-based attacks.

Cloudine (Top Left, Chapter 2), a Lakitu Cloud...without a Lakitu. Many had pointed out about this irony at first, but Lakitu Clouds turns out to be sentient all along. Cloudine is a fashion loving and adventure-hungry cloud girl who had troubles to do both at the same time. She helps Mario in order to find her Lakitu friend, as well as really wanted to be on an adventure. She proves to be useful with her aerial attacks and her ability to transport Mario in midair.

Ostralena (Middle Left, Chapter 4), an Ostro who is all about hygiene of the Golden Ruins. A maid of the bossy Badbuss Goldubba, she tend to be rapid and rabid until she put herself into danger, and upon rescue, she break down and apologizes Mario and partners for slowing them down. Upon recruitment, she uses her high speed to allow Mario for fast transport (a nice option for Speedrunners) and thus capable to go through strong wind and outrun dangerous enemies.

Pirlumbus (Top Right, also Chapter 4), a walking Piranha Plant who, like Professor Kolorado from Paper Mario 64, is an archaeologist, but is more courageous, but also more eccentric. The thing is, his eccentric side may come from being not used to live in his two leafy feets, although he can understand the language of both English and Primal Piranha Plant (spoken by Petey Piranha), as well as speak both of these language. His goop will help Mario to blind the enemies as well as revealing secret paths and invisible paths, which almost works like Paint from Paper Mario: Color Splash (but unlimited).

Secro Spy Guy (Middle Right, Chapter 5), the elite Spy Guy who follows General White... until he quit does to being way to secretive to General White. He will only speak since once Pirlumbus called him out of being excessive secretiveness and Ostralena tell him about the difference of being brave and tell the truth and hiding in its shadow without telling oneself's feeling. When he eventually learned his mistake, he uses his master of cover technique to hide Mario by summoning a level prop or use a bucket to block enemy projectiles.

Nakitta (Bottom Left, Chapter 6), the Noki who had once a happy family business until Lummy the Kid and Aboomina Slim ravaged the farm. Willing to find out how to fix her family's farm, she joins Mario in order to solve the problem and to bring Lummy and Slim to justice. She is selfless but naive, and her conch shell she brings can produce music that put enemies into sleeping, in and out of battle, as well as revealing hidden NPCs.

Marley, aka "Froozen" (Middle Bottom, Chapter 7), a Yukimaru who reluctantly works for Bowser's Power Plant found in Creation Island. He especially depreciate Bowser for his mistreatment for his other Yukimaru friends. While calm and cool, he also tend to remark others' unintelligent actions and sometimes is the one who warns Mario when the player is about to pick a bad decision. He specialize freezing attacks and can freeze enemies, as well as cool down flames and other burning obstacles, and freezing water.

Skotty (Bottom Right, also Chapter 7), a Skittler with a Scotland accent. Skotty is seen as a pest for Bowser and most of the Power Plant workers, and Skotty does not like power plants for a good reason; potential of literally explosive results. He obviously join Mario and the partners once he is rescued from tough Power Plant employees. His silk can drag faraway items, as well as dragging running away enemies and make a temporary foothold to fill on gaps.

I hope you enjoy it. If you had any favorite partners out of these guys (and girl) so far, I'll appreciate any comments!
DerekminyA Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
Out of all these guys and girls, it's a tough tie between Cloudine and Pirlumbus. Both of them have really interesting and fun ideas (the former looking for her lost Lakitu, the latter being an unorthodox species for an archaeologist).
WarioWules09 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. I can tell that a lone Lakitu Cloud as a partner is a very rare idea, and I do wanted to make a regular (albeit walking) Piranha Plant instead of a Petey Piranha-esque partner (which such thing do exist from other users' Paper Mario fan game), and I thought an archeologist and friendly rival of Kolorado, with Piranha Plants the more aggressive while the Koopas are the more defensive would make a more contrast between the two archeologist.
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